5 Tips For Setting And Slaying Your 2018 Goals

Nearly two months to go before we bid goodbye to 2017! And as freelancers and entrepreneurs, it’s never too early to plan out what we’ll be working hard to achieve in the upcoming year. They say a goal without a plan is just a wish. Sometimes, how much you accomplish depends on two things –Continue reading “5 Tips For Setting And Slaying Your 2018 Goals”

Changing Maiden Name To Married Name In 6 Hours & 10 Mins

But I’ve got news for you, newly wedded wife: after graduating from acquiring marriage documents (CENOMAR, Marriage License, etc), you’re in for another round of lining up in queues and filling up government forms – if you’re planning to take your husband’s surname, that is.

6 Online Side-Hustles To Earn Extra Cash For The Holidays

We listed down some side-hustles that you can do online with no capital whatsoever. The best part? You wouldn’t be tied down with any contract. You can do these side-hustles these ber months and forget about them as soon as you earn your target Christmas cash.

The Benefits Of Being A Freelancer: Do The Pros Outweigh The Cons?

As with any career choice, there are pros and cons to being a freelancer. But are the benefits really worth that regular job you ditched it for?