5 Tips For Setting And Slaying Your 2018 Goals

Nearly two months to go before we bid goodbye to 2017! And as freelancers and entrepreneurs, it’s never too early to plan out what we’ll be working hard to achieve in the upcoming year.

They say a goal without a plan is just a wish. Sometimes, how much you accomplish depends on two things – the pact you make with yourself and your commitment to sticking to it. Here are five tips for setting your goals for 2018 – and actually slaying them.


1. Keep your goals realistic. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to reach for the stars. However, one must be able to discern the difference between dreams and goals. Goals should be realistic, otherwise it will just be a list of wishes. When it comes to freelancing and entrepreneurship, one way to be realistic with your goals is to review what you have achieved this year and scale it up a few levels higher.



2. Keep your goals measurable. One reason why many people feel like they’re not achieving their goals is because their goals are not actually measurable nor clear enough. Instead of writing down “learn more about SEO in 2018,” you might want to change it to “enroll in an online SEO course and earn a certificate in 2018.”


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3. Map out a plan on how to achieve your goals. The secret to achieving your goals is to break down your main goal into smaller goals that can be achieved in shorter periods of time. For example if you’re aiming to earn $120,000 in 2018, breaking your goal down to earning $10,000 per month can make it more manageable and less overwhelming.



4. Allot one quiet afternoon for goal-setting. Setting your goals needs time and focus. Free up one afternoon, sit down somewhere peaceful and quiet, and prepare yourself a nice cup of warm drink as you reflect on the goals you want to achieve for the upcoming year. It’s an important pact you’re making with yourself for the next twelve months, so your head must be clear as you draft it.



5. Write down your goals. Studies suggest that writing boosts a person’s memory and allow one to remember concepts better. With this in mind, it’s definitely smarter to write down your goals rather than type them. After all, having your goals in black and white is not your only goal – remembering and actually sticking to them is the more important part.

There’s a huge variety of planners in the market that could fit your preference. But if you’re particular about goals and accomplishing them, you might want to check out this Slay Your Goals Planner from It’s All You Boo. What’s great about this planner is that it helps you map out your goals and break them down into mini-goals and “quick wins,” allowing you to achieve your dreams one step at a time.

Slay Your Goals Planner Cover-itsallyouboo.com_preview




How do you set your goals and slay them? Tell us on the comment section below!


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One thought on “5 Tips For Setting And Slaying Your 2018 Goals

  1. I’m so excited for 2018 and slaying my own goals! What can I say, I love the Slay Your Goals Planner and cannot wait to dive in to plan my own goals for next year. #3 is my favourite part of the goal-setting process, mapping out exactly HOW I’m going to get where I want to be.


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