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Our Story

Inspired Space was founded in 2017 by a freelance writer who had to lug her laptop everywhere as a remote worker. In search for the perfect laptop sleeve, she wanted one that was sturdy, locally-made, and wasn’t borne out of animals’ suffering. Most of all, she wanted a case that would inspire her to be productive every time she took out her laptop to start the workday. Not finding such a brand in the market, she decided to build it and offer it to like-minded passion-pursuers.

Our Mission

To provide cruelty-free gadget sleeves that inspire productivity and showcase Filipino craftsmanship.

Our Products

Our products are made by hard-working Pinay sewists who earn a decent living for their families through their craft. We use vegan leather or polyurethane material synthetically made without having to patronize leather farms that subject animals to horrible living conditions and slaughter.

As our brand aims to spark creativity and productivity, our color variations are inspired by Filipino caffeinated and sugary treats one might enjoy for that extra jolt of energy. These are Barako (black Liberica coffee), Tablea (brown chocolate cacao tablets), and Bukayo (burnt umber caramelized coconut candy).

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