5 Ideas to Maximize Your Small Home Work Space

With the recent rise in the work-from-home (WFH) setup, more people now devote their time and attention to squeezing indoor workspaces in their homes. After all, having an efficient workspace allows them to feel like they’re working in an actual office, thus improving their productivity.

Home office design can positively impact productivity and here are four workspace ideas to ensure that your workspace is efficient – no matter how small it may be.

1. Install Wall-Mounted Shelves

A rack can transform an empty wall into a functional area that also reflects your personal style. This tactic is one of the most effective home office setup ideas because it can increase the possibly limited storage space you have in your room. It can also add charm to your small office. 

2. Go Paperless

Removing physical files is one of the most modern workspace ideas to maximize a small workplace. Instead of printing documents, go paperless and use electronic files or records. Aside from being kinder to Mother Nature, this option also allows you to simplify the process of saving and transferring data, thus avoiding situations where you’ll need to dig into a pile of documents just to find something.

3. Handle Your Cable Situation

Cables are vital tools in our small workplace at home, but disorganized cords can make an office look messy and cluttered. Thus, one of the most crucial workspace ideas is to organize your cables by looping and holding them in place with cable ties. Also, you may want to put a power strip inside a basket to hide these eyesores from plain view.

4. Keep it Bright

Since you take most of your meetings inside your home office, it’s best to have ample lighting in your work area. To make the most out of natural light, one of the most valuable workspace ideas is to move your desk in front of a window. On the other hand, you can also invest in a desk lamp that will help you avoid eye strain as you do your tasks.

5. Opt for a Neat and Minimalist Space

The last thing you’d want to do is fill your already small space with frills that will make it look dense and stuffy. It’s best to keep your workspace neat and tidy by getting rid of clutter and choosing minimalist workspace accessories. For instance, SLEEK and PARCEL Vegan Leather Laptop Sleeves provide function while keeping aesthetics simple and elegant.

How do you keep your small work space-efficient? Tell us in the comment section below!

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