SKILLED Mobile Office Laptop Sleeve

SKILLED Mobile Office Laptop Sleeve



SKILLED Mobile Office Laptop Sleeve 2

  • Portable office you can take anywhere
  • Swing-out flaps
  • Durable Polywash material
  • Filipino craftsmanship at its finest

This versatile office laptop sleeve makes it possible to take your personal work station anywhere. Whether you’re typing away in a coffee shop, a co-working space or a surf shack somewhere, you’ll always have everything you need within reach. Swing-out flaps ensures privacy and stimulates concentration. SKILLED laptop sleeve has six pockets: a laptop compartment, a slot for documents and two pockets on each side flap for cellphones, pens, notepads and other small items.

Size                      Color               Price (shipping fee not included)

14″x1.5″x9.5″          ABO           P849


This item is currently out of stock.


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