The Benefits Of Being A Freelancer: Do The Pros Outweigh The Cons?

As with any career choice, there are pros and cons to being a freelancer. But are the benefits really worth that regular job you ditched it for?

We, freelancers, can think of a thousand benefits to being an independent worker. Abdullahi Muhammed, an entrepreneur and CEO of Oxygenmat, listed down seven particular advantages that you probably won’t get if you’re traditionally employed.

In his article for Forbes, Muhammed enumerated the following pros of freelancing:
1. You control your workload
2. You’re less likely to get sick
3. You get as many breaks and as much sleep as you want
4. You control your work relationships
5. You can exercise at optimum times
6. You’re your own boss
7. You avoid the long commute

Of course, some of this pros can easily turn into cons, depending on the work outlook and attitude of the freelancer.

The ability to control your workload and the allowance to take as many breaks as you want, for example, can become quick turns to non-productivity resulting in fewer clients and meager income.

The benefits of having a more relaxed working condition is definitely a priced advantage. Avoiding a long commute allows one to pass up on fatigue and escape exposure to pollution and seasonal viruses.

But it still depends on a freelancer whether the time saved for commuting would be used for something worthwhile like exercise, or if it would be spent in front of the television while snacking on a huge bag of chips.

In the end, it is the freelancer’s daily choices that either makes independent employment worth it or not. 

It is also these very choices that divides the line between successful freelance professionals and career drifters who are just passing up time before trying to find their next regular company job.

For aspiring freelancers, which of these benefits do you look forward to the most? 
And for existing freelancers, what is your favorite benefit in your current independent work setup?

Tell us about it on the comment section below!

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