7 Green Holiday Tips for a Sustainable Holiday

A green lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean radically shaking up your everyday routine, giving up all kinds of meat, or replacing every product in your home with an organic version. We can all contribute to the environment through our own simple ways and by protecting nature, we empower it to take care of us in return.

Here are seven easy green holiday tips that will benefit the environment and make you feel healthier and closer to Mother Nature.

1. Choose cruelty-free gifts

Giving gifts is a way to show love and appreciation to people around us. Multiply the love by choosing products that don’t harm animals and the environment. Instead of buying leather accessories, for example, opt for cruelty-free vegan leather that are just as durable and classy. Inspired Space SLEEK Vegan Leather Laptop Sleeves

2. Use recycled materials to wrap gifts

The most basic green holiday meaning is to to be kinder to Mother Nature amid the revelry. Instead of using gift wrapper, be creative and use recycled materials. For example, brown paper, magazine pages, and reused paper bags can do the job – plus, they’re free. Compostable jute strings and reusable (or recycled) gift decor like Christmas ornaments are also a nice, eco-friendly touch.

Gifts wrapped in recycled brown paper

3. Give potted plants as a gift

Yes, this is a very plantita idea indeed. But rather than giving loved ones things they may not actually use (and may end up in the trash later on), you might as well give them something practical for eco-friendly holidays. Help office mates relieve stress by giving them small, ornamental plants to put on their desk for that oxygen boost. Foodies, on the other hand, would surely love to have potted herbs in the kitchen. Not sure what plant to give away? Poinsettias are always a hit and would liven up one’s home for Christmas and New Year.

Potted plants in a basket for gifting

4. Choose organic for Noche Buena and Media Noche

It’s hard not to overeat when the whole family is together and everyone’s in a festive mood. But you can try to make Noche Buena and Media Noche a little healthier with organic ingredients without toxic chemicals. Also, here’s one of those green holiday tips your body will thank you for – make a good bowl of healthy salad to balance out all those slices of Christmas ham and queso de bola.

Holiday meal made of organic produce

5. Go for local instead of imported

Eating local food supports sustainability, promotes our economy, and lessens carbon footprint. If you can’t help but serve imported goods, at least balance them out with local products. Kitchen green holiday tips include mixing in guava, suha, and chico to your basket of round fruits. You can also add slices of kesong puti, longganisa, or local jams and honey to your grazing platter for a local twist.

Crackers with farmer's cheese

6. Try to limit the use of disposable dinnerware

Christmas parties equal big garbage bags full of disposable food containers and cutlery. One of the most important green holiday tips is to opt for reusable plates, cups, and cutlery during parties. You need to burn calories after eating a feast anyway, so what’s a few extra minutes of washing the dishes? But if you’re really not a fan of the chore, at least shop for compostable dinnerware made from root starches.

Table setting with stoneware and wood plate

7. Relieve Holiday stress with natural remedies

With all the shopping, planning, and year-end deadlines, holidays can indeed be a stressful time. But instead of popping a pill every time you feel an ache, try to pamper yourself with natural remedies first. For instance, lavender essential oil is known to calm and soothe and it’s mild enough to apply directly to your temples. Also, you can also help yourself relax better at night by skipping sugar-loaded Holiday coffee drinks and settle instead with herbal tea with honey.

Dropper bottle of essential oil

How are you living a greener lifestyle this Holiday season? Tell us in the comment section below!


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